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NTMS Racer

First-Time Van Driver? Safety Tips for Driving a Van

First time driving a van? Keep these safety tips in mind when you’re driving your van for hassle-free road trips. Read more


Drifter Preps His Car for Winter With Parts From

Devon Bigelow, a drifter, takes on a winter rear-end refresh for his 350Z drift car using parts from Read more


Winter Truck Camper Essentials According to Full-Time Adventurers, Grayson and Ashleigh

See how Grayson and Ashleigh gear up for winter travel with these essential winter gear from Read more


Antonio Alvendia Restores His GX 470’s Smooth Ride With Parts From

See how Antonio Alvendia restored his GX 470’s smooth ride with high-quality replacement parts from Read more

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Auto Repair

Your Guide to Understanding the Basics of the Crankshaft and Camshaft

Read on to learn how the crankshaft and camshaft work, how they differ, the signs they need replacement, and more. Read more

Braking System

Glazed Brake Pads: Symptoms, Causes, and Fix

Brake pad glazing can cause the need for an early replacement. Learn what causes glazed brake pads, their symptoms, and how to fix them. Read more

Braking System

How Long Does a Brake Job Take? Plus FAQs

The braking system should always be in optimal condition. Find out how long a brake job takes and how much is usually spent on the task. Read more

Ignition System

Why Is There a 14-Volt Reading For Your Car Battery?

Is your car's battery voltage reading coming out as 14 volts instead of 12 volts? Learn why your multimeter readings show different voltages. Read more


Should You Use Anti-Seize on Lug Nuts?

Using anti-seize on lug nuts is a controversial practice. But why is that? Here’s a look at the arguments for and against the technique. Read more


Tips To Remove a Stuck Leaf Spring Bolt

Have a leaf spring bolt that won’t budge? Understand why leaf spring bolts seize and how to remove them in this article. Read more

Ignition System

Steering Wheel Locked Up: Causes and How to Fix It

What Causes a Locked-Up Steering Wheel? Learn why steering wheels get locked up and what you can do to fix the problem. Read more

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Vehicle Reliability

Toyota FJ Cruiser Reliability and Common Problems

Learn the Toyota FJ Cruiser’s most common issues for different model years to know what repairs it may need in the future. Read more

Vehicle Reliability

Land Rover LR3 Reliability and Common Problems

The Land Rover LR3 may not be the most reliable SUV on the market. Check out this list of its most commonly reported issues. Read more


Chevrolet Malibu Reliability: An In-Depth Guide

Get a comprehensive guide to the reliability of the Chevrolet Malibu, including data-driven insights, common issues, and cost of ownership. Make an informed decision about owning a Malibu. Read more


Honda Fit Reliability and Common Problems

Looking to purchase a used Honda Fit? Find out what repairs are common for some model years by reading this guide. Read more

Vehicle Reliability

Ford Edge Reliability and Common Problems

The Ford Edge is a very good SUV but it's best to know which of its model years have the most issues and what those are. Check out this list. Read more


Dodge Avenger Reliability and Common Problems

Looking to buy a secondhand Dodge Avenger? See how reliable Dodge Avengers are and get to know their common problems here. Read more

Vehicle Reliability

Scion tC Reliability and Common Problems

The Scion tC is an affordable and reliable two-door compact sedan. However, it has a few common problems under its hood. Read more. Read more

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